Gambling History of Macau

November 12, 2015 13:17 Posted by James K.

To understand the gambling scene in Macau it is helpful to have a historical background. Gambling was legalized in Macau in the 1850's. In 1962 Stanley Ho gained a monopoly on gambling in Macau ...


Gambling Basics of Macau

November 12, 2015 13:22 Posted by James K.

Gambling information in Macau is quickly outdated, which is the main reason I developed this site. Remember the casino scene in the James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun? Players were shoul ...


Dead Chip Programs in Macau

November 12, 2015 13:29 Posted by James K.

Macau has a long-standing tradition of rewarding the high roller with a rebate, according to his original buy-in and total volume of play. This all takes place in private VIP casinos, and often thr ...


No Bingo in Macau?

July 31, 2016 17:52 Posted by Wizard

This page explores the way bingo has been played throughout the years, both in the United States and United Kingdom, and looks at the fact that the game is not well-known to most visitors to Macau ...