Posted by James K.
Jan 26 2011

On the peninsula many of the casinos and tourist attractions are within long walking distance of each other. Personally I walked all over the place. The only form of public transportation is the bus, but I have no clue about the routes or schedules. Taxis can be a bit difficult to hail, especially weekends and evenings, but when you do get one, they are very reasonably priced. If you don't speak English, have the address of your location written down, or just tell them if it is a common destination. Don't hand them a map and point to something, if you can avoid it, the drivers don't like that.

In December 2007 a reader wrote to me saying:


Taxis in Macau have gone from being "a bit difficult to hail, especially weekends and evenings" to being extremely difficult to hail on weekends and evenings. It has got to the point now that if you call the taxi company to order a cab, they give you the cab licence plate number, and you need to be able to quote this number to the driver to get in the taxi when he arrives (or she arrives, yes there are a few female taxi drivers).