Posted by James K.
May 11 2015

Big Six, a.k.a. Wheel of Fortune, is the large vertical wheel where the players bet on where the wheel will stop. In the U.S. the game has paper money laminated into the wheel and the player bets on the denomination the wheel will stop on, which is also the odds that winning bets will pay. In Macau, instead of paper money, the wheel is labeled with colored circles. Big Six is not very popular in Macau, but the larger casinos will usually have one wheel in a prominent area.

The table below shows the seven bets available, what they pay, the number of stops on the wheel, the probability of winning, and the house edge. The best bet is tied between orange, purple, and green, at 7.69% each.


Big Six - Macau
Color Pays (to one) Stops on
Probability House Edge
Orange 1 24 46.15% 7.69%
Purple 3 12 23.08% 7.69%
Green 5 8 15.38% 7.69%
Blue 10 4 7.69% 15.38%
Yellow 20 2 3.85% 19.23%
Logo 1 45 1 1.92% 11.54%
Logo 2 45 1 1.92% 11.54%


If one could increase the probability of winning either logo bet, by clocking the wheel, from 1.92% to 2.17%, then the player would have a break-even game. Any probability higher than that will swing the odds to the player's favor.

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