Posted by James K.
December 10, 2018 08:25

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The Macau Palace (a.k.a. Floating Casino) is a two-story boat, like the real riverboat casinos in the U.S.. It is located in the Fisherman's Wharf section of Macau, near the ferry terminal. When I was there on a weekday morning the place was nearly void of players. If I remember correctly, there was only one person actually gambling. This is in sharp contrast to the crowded casino scene that took place in this casino in the James Bond movie, The Man with the Golden Gun (source). Evidently, the end of Stanley Ho's monopoly in 2001 took its toll.

As mentioned, the Macau Palace is part of the SJM (Stanley Ho) family of casinos. It is small, with about a dozen table games. If you want a play in a casino nearly to yourself, this would be an outstanding choice.


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