The Wizard of Macau is a sister site to the Wizard of Odds. In 2007 founder Michael Shackleford was preparing for a visit to Macau and developed that opinion that there were no good web sites about Macau in English at the time. After returning, he through together a simple web site with lots of pictures and what he learned about the gambling scene there.

In 2009 Michael returned to Macau to update the site and provide more material. At some point after that Michael enlisted the help of James K., an English teacher in the area and recreational gambler. James did a great job with a review of every known casino in Macau. Here is a byline on James, which he wrote himself:

"I was born on August 17th, 1978 in Mississauga, Ontario, a place I've come to affectionately call the City of Stagnation. In 2001 I graduated from the University of Toronto with an English degree, and somehow found myself in China soon after. What originally was supposed to be a one year deal turned into ten and I've been here ever since. For work, I've primarily taught English and been an IELTS examiner, before switching gears to focus on this website and Macau.

A large part of my life (perhaps sadly) revolves around wine and music, sports and chess. I'm also interested in travel, history, and photography."


In 2014 all the Wizard web sites were bought by the Latest Casino Bonuses family of gaming sites. Overshadowed by the Wizard of Odds and Wizard of Vegas, this web site remains as Michael created it. On December 1, 2015, this site completed a major renovation. We hope you enjoy the new look. is a part of the Latest Casino Bonuses network of sites, but I remain the main content supplier for this site.