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Founded in 2007, it is a companion to sister site the Wizard of Odds, with an emphasis on the gambling scene in Macau. Here you will find detailed information about the games you'll find in Macau and the rules used. We are also proud to have a detailed review of almost every casino in Macau. It is our goal to provide a fun and informative web site that will prepare you for your next visit to Macau.

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Posted by KingoftheEye Dec 28 2016 06:18:02

I don't believe so, maybe real Pai Gow (tiles). Good rule of thumb is to just check the local...


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Posted by johann528 Sep 26 2016 16:20:49

Was in Macau 1 night on Monday. Pretty slow, felt like Vegas the week before x-mas. Didn't make...


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Posted by tomchina123 Oct 07 2016 23:54:04

wynn or wynn palace.


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Posted by FleaStiff Dec 22 2016 03:16:12

People in China want to get money into China so they can be richer. Spending money in Macau...


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Posted by ProfessorSlot Dec 28 2016 17:33:38

Because Macau is very near to Hongkong it is not surprising to see their revenue to go higher....


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No Bingo in Macau?

Jul 31, 2016 by Wizard

This page explores the way bingo has been played throughout the years, both in the United States and United Kingdom, and looks at the fact that the......

Gambling History of Macau

Nov 12, 2015 by James K.

To understand the gambling scene in Macau it is helpful to have a historical background. Gambling was legalized in Macau in the 1850's. In 1962......

Dead Chip Programs in Macau

Oct 31, 2011 by James K.

Macau has a long-standing tradition of rewarding the high roller with a rebate, according to his original buy-in and total volume of play. This all......

Gambling Basics of Macau

Nov 27, 2010 by James K.

Gambling information in Macau is quickly outdated, which is the main reason I developed this site. Remember the casino scene in the James Bond......

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